Pressure Treated Chicken Tractor
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U. S. Dept of Agriculture, Commonwealth of Virginia
Recommends 1 nest box per each 5 hens. They recommend that each bird have 2 square feet of floor space. However if the birds are only cooped at nite then they can get along with a little less space. This also depends on the size of birds, as more birds of smaller breeds can be kept vs. less for the larger breeds.
Grit and oyster shell
Grit and oyster shell should be avilable to chickens free choice. Some companies believe that they have a total and complete feed. "Nothing else needs to be added." When chickens are allowed to range they have a better chance of fulfilling the needs from a complete feed. However most chickens are not allowed this total freedom. Depending on the conditions of the soil and the area in which the chickens are allowed to range, they may not be getting enough of these two essential nutrients. This also is true with some larger birds that in a complete feed they may not receive enough in proportion to the amount of complete fee they are consuming. Please allow your birds free choice of these two essential ingredients If you can't find this in small quantities you may want to purchase and divide with a fellow grower.
Purchasing Baby Chicks
Some people miss the early spring sales of baby chicks at their local feed store or garden store that typically carries baby chicks in the spring. However there is also another way for you to get your chicks later and not have to buy large quantities of the breed you might want to purchase. They have a large selection and can be purchased during most of the summer depending on the breed of chicken you wish to purchase. Direct shipment to your home.  
Check out the website of: Meyer Hatchery, Polk, Ohio. Nice website !!  Also @www.Murray Nice website also.

Eat any chicken lately?
Have you eaten chicken and got down to the breast bone or the leg bone only to discover that you see some dark purple in the bone? Well that is antibiotic residue. It's time to raise your own chickens and stop feeding 
 your family factory chickens. 

Chicken tractor is made of pressure treated lumber and stained. Constructed with quality lumber and fastened with screws
(no nails). Dimensions: 47"x 8' x 39". Can be made up to 50" in height or more. Has 4" wheels at rear for easier moving.
Wire is 1"x 2" welded wire. Roof is painted metal. Side access door can be on either side. Rear end gate made to be
against chicken coop for access to outside for chickens. A nest box, roost, and enclosure on end can be added for 
exclusive summer quarters. 
Price for tractor as shown: $825.00 + shipping or delivery. Phone orders or by email.
                                                                     Purchaser of coop said "
John B.  Virginia: I Checked out your competition for price, quality of construction and yours was the best.
Lisa M.   Virgina   Drove 80 miles because you had coops in stock. I could of had one built but needed one now!!
Eric A.   Virginia  I have had my coop now for 6 years. Doing well. no problems yet.

New England Style
Structure is framed with pressure treated wood.Overall height is approx. 72". Floor is covered with 1/2" pressure treated plywood with a polyvinyl glassboard on top for easier cleaning.  Roof is insulated with 1/2 inch foil insulation.for cooler temps in the summer. Hinged wire screen door on front and back for ventilation. Body is of 3/8" Smartboard. Window is made of plexiglass.  Coop has three nest boxes.There is an electrical fixture inside so that can be used for light and warmth.Comes painted or stained. Your choice, of color.
Comes in two sizes:
           For 10-12 Chickens 4'x6' $1425.00      For 14-16 Chickens 4'x8' $1625.00
                                          16-18 Chickens  5'x9'  $2425.00